IMA paper3-copy in virtual world

1.copy in different countries and different way

Beceuse the succeed of the second life, many countries try to copy this

game. Tri-dCommunications from Korea creat a <<C2TOWN>>, very

similarity to the second life. China also try to copy this game in China.

this game change many people’s  lives also change many company find a

new way to earn money. The second life direct a new world at present

and future. On the other hand, some fashion clothes bags and shoes

also be copied in the second life. Those products are more cheaper than

real world.

2.second life couldn’t compelety be copied in other countries.

 The second life couldn’t be copy completeness in all the contories.

For example in China. Chinese culture is very different from American.

First, this game no assignment and experience. It’s a completeness free

and DIY model. It hard for chinese people to fit, many people entered

this world didn’t know which things need to do at first time, no

purpose. Second, many people use this game to earn many. But Linden

usually transfer to US dollar. People need to know how to change to

RMB. If people want to use virtual company to develop the real

company. It’s very hard and only a few normal people can do it well.

Third, in second life has many eroticism and gambling trades. They are

not allowed in China. So China couldn’t copy this game completeness. In

China it’s only can be a virtual world for making friends. The second

succeed in USA is necessary but not so sure in other conturies


3.Copy isn’t the purpose for users

On the other hand, many people in virtual world wish it’s the same to

the real world. The technician found that the problems in BUG  area are

most about  copy the real world. Like it’s a sound of walk on the ground 

in shallow water or problems of long hair. They are all about the

different between virtual world and real world. More close to the real

world isn’t the purpose of the Hipihi. But how the Hipihi and SL satisfy

the wishes from users. It’s a big problem.
In this modern world people need each other,we must always seek

mutually impatiently, foundation relations. We always swing between

two kind of demands: Namely to the individual free absolute demand,

has to relates the absolute demand. However the problem is we need

what kind of society life. Future world should let people have those two

environment in the same time: one is exerting control force enviroment,

the other is let ourselevers have very important station enviroment. It’s

the same in virtual world. In a sense online game can make this kind of

world come ture. The purpose of online game isn’t constructive but

rather destructive. not respect but rather conquest. not communion but

rather predatory. In real socity world, we need  creat by ourselves

freedom. Each people is not a duplicate. Everyone wish to gained

recognition from voters. Meanwhile we also want to find which kind of

relationship we really need. In second we are not just copy the real

world life to virtual world. In virtual world we try to make two

envirments carry out together.

Copy is not the purpose both from Linden company and users. It’s

totally free world and it’s the first one. No one knows the future. We

should find and develop ceaseless.The virtual world is not a another

 real world. When we choose to live in a new way we should fully

change my mind to find a virtual live way. Never compare real world

 with virtual world. They are totally different in the begining.

Purchases messages companies and so on can be copy between those

 two worlds but that doesn’t means we need to transfer all the things

 from real world to virtual world. Give our lives fully free and find

what we real want.


IMA paper2-Face the unethical in virtual world

1.In the virtual world the law and rules are be ignored.

The second life not just a game or sociality location, it’s also a finance bargaining location. Unto 2007, there are a thousand and three hundreds million dollarsequivalent to linden come into circulation system,and three thousans and seven hundreds millon dollars transform from Linden. It’s absolutly a large sum of money The prof. Robert Bloomfield from Cornell University said: This is a fascinated and excited place, because people process business didn’t have much obligations of law or rules.  More and more people earn money in the virtual world. In this world they can make their dream life come ture. Platinum Blind let people join in this game. Second life didn’t interpose resident life almost. This is a virtual world without interpose from exterior law. But the resident are controled by real peoples, so the cheat burgle and tax evasion and so on are truly being.

2.The unethical actions in virtual world.

There are several kinds of unethical actions in virtual world. Becausa of the highly freedom many people choose to live here, the same reason to the criminal.

 There is a example about defraud money and propety. Stephanie Roberts who work is a servise personal from Chicago, but she has another name Zania Turner in second life. Zania Tuner looks like a movie star named Catherine Zeta-Jones in second life. So she got a good job very easily. Add on fee she can earn 100 lindens per hour. And one day she found a machine named Ginko bank, those banks use advertisement let people save money in the place called Ginko. Think about convenience many people save money in Ginko. Before long Zania Turner save thirty-nine thousand lindens in Ginko account, it’s nearly one hundred and forty-four dollars. Ginko named Nicholas Portocarrero in real world, no one knows who really are. As far as July 2007, Ginko limit people get money from Ginko bank, he said deposit was already change into Ginko bond and this bond depreciate very fast since october 2007. This event caused seven hundreds thousand dollars losing.

 In 2007, a girl was been violation in virtual world. In 2002 three youngsters stolen others’ weapons. In may 2007 broadcast company from Australia was been blowed down by hacker and cost several thousands dollars to repaired it. In 2005 a hacker from Japan usa softwear despoilment Linden change to dollar usa in real world. Unlawful gambling, money laundering, tax evasion and credit card fraud. Those unethical things happen in real world also happen in virtual world.

3. business confidence in virtual world

At present skill control law and rules make online business very safety. Criminals are all be punishment. Field FisherWaterhouse from England builded the first law office in second life. David Naylor is one of partner, he said: a place can easily defraud and criminal couldn’t be  arrest, it make against  for develop a big business. Although this is the only reason, online business need confidence because they couldn’t conversation face to face.

Linden laboratory create and distribution Linden currency in second life, but they refuse to be responsible for dissension and loss. They said: deal in virtual world is the same in internet, people need to know what should do and consider the result. Using skill tools to test if the deal is real and worth. And now the Linden company also adopt some steps, like stop some deals with big amount linden changing, encourage people use third pary certification. But lack of accusation measure and correlation law from real world, we don’t know those steps are really useful in virtual world.

Because some BlueChipStocks join in, virtual world is more and more popular in real world. But some of those big company do not develop business in virtual world, they just want to publicity in virtual world. We need to go to their office website and get what we want. They only make deal with real currency and use their own encryption and certification. But some people like Roberts still try to use virtual bank to save money and buy clothes earth or virtual stock. So Ginko event make people trepidation. This block electron business development in virtual world.

 In early stage network also have many problems, this is the same situation to virtual world.  People didn’t bought purchase online ago, they doubt some may stolen their credit card message. Now almost brand have their office website and people can buy online. It is a big value of business and society. Crisis exist and business exist are coexistence in everywhere.

4.constraint unethical action

For the safty deal Linden laboratory create a  ID system in 2007, resident can validate the people who deal with. The other reason of ID system is forbid nonage go to some areas. Linden company also introduce a program which can identify shadiness action, let people be careful when they are deal with other peoples. This kind of unethical can be constrainted. Wherever in real or virtual world, people must to  watch out for high margin with no risks, if condition is very good it maybe false. Nowadays users build some virtual manage mechanisms, valuation the company ,awoke users and  act as complaint center. In real world a enterprise usually try to find a law office to judge his own company is a legal company and   all businesses are legitimate. If 3d network is development direction for future network, this problem wil be very important to us.

Different virtual world use different way to protect their users. One of the virtual world use independence code to identify every user’s currency. But Linden didn’t use this code, they don’t want to many  intervention in virtual business. If goverment start to punish criminal, the goverment must have to taxation from virtual purchase. It will influence business opportunity  in virtual world. Users cannot only depend on goverment, if users want more freedom they need start to control by themselves.

IMA504 paper1-3D virtual world

At present,3D technique was more and more popular in the world, like 3D movie,3D game, 3D electronic product, 3D online shop…SONY company just put out first 3D vidicon. The video from this vidicon will be 3D on TV. It means everyone can make their own 3D videos. It’s absolutely an exciting news. But those are for our real life. Have you ever think about if I have the second life I can do it again in different ways… But life only has once in the real world. Do you remember the game Virtual Life? We don’t just play game on the computer right now.
since 2003 Linden Research float a 3D online game called “the second life”. This game has changed somebody’s life and online mode. At first, it’s just a online game, whereafter more and more players join it, it’s became a richness 3D virtual world currently.
Just like the game name, people can choose the second life in this 3D virtual world. In this world you can do something that you want or wish to. sometimes those things are couldn’t come ture in the real world. For example,  lesbianism or gay couldn’t marry with each other in some countries, but they can do it in this game. This game didn’t has story. It’s all created by player. The game is for enjoy not just play it.
2.the valueable of this game
I just creat accounts in this game. I couldn’d understand all parts at present but its looks fun. I ever dreamed I can fly many times. In this game I can do it on ocean! There is a world map, I can travel to anywhere just tap place name.I went to China and Hawaii only for 2 minutes. Download some softwares and programs I can travel to more than one thousand places. The second life doesn’t have concept of area or countries. players don’t need visa to go to other country.

 The messages on interface will show latest news, I can join the activities which I prefer immediately.For example, apple put out a new ipad online, what I can do is openning the webpage and watch the But in the second life I can go to apple store and play it at once. On the other hand, if there is a traffic accident in other country, what I can do is watch newspaper or TV news. But I can go to locale place see what’s happening in the second life. That’s different between 3D world and ordinary webpage. 
Secondly, like other games, player pay and play game then earn the game money called Linden. But there is a big different between this and other games. That is Linden can change to dollar in the real world(271:1  mainly). I know its sounds crazy! But it’s true! Linden Research through Paypal pay dollar to player. If you succeed in the game you also succeed in the real world. Play game was just wast time no longer. A player live in Germany from China named Anshen Chung bought land in the game. She created houses then sell to other players and earn price difference. She succeed in this game and earn twenty-five thousands dollar in real world. Now she comes into existence in China. The company still work for this virtual world. Another guy named John Lester created a school island in this game. It’s completeness different from the online education. The classrooms, students and teachers are all 3D. It’s more real than webpage. Many big company found business opportunity and try to go into. A communication company Vivox provide free call in the game, players can call the people who are in real world. Amazon afford books for player, buy books in second life and it will ship to real house. Adiddas and Apparel sell clothes. Toyota and Sun sell cars.Those company take real world into the second life first and then bring the second life into real world. It’s not just a virtual world any more!

3.uWorld in china
In 2006 Uwan company in China creat 3D online game just like the second life named uWorld. Its has same model with the second life. For chinese player, Uwan add many chinese traditional activities in uWorld. I also create account in uWorld. There is a sing software like a singing hall. It’s very sense of reality. Many chinese people like singing in a singing hall. I think uWorld is more suitable for chinese people.

Uwan creat a new engine called UniG to afford million players play at the same times (MMOG- massive multi-player online game). Its has more than fifty thousands user register now. It’s just a beginning in China, The Uwan CEO said that it’s more difficult than create a new network game, but its has much more potential of development.
After two years IBM join in uWorld since Uwan set up. It’s a big turning point for Uwan company. IBM already went into the second life and bought twelve islands for create activities and conversation. The second life is the target for uWorld in the future. Now more and more internationalization company want to join. Let’s looking forward. about the future
The monthly income of the second life is 10 precent to15 precent increased . This let more and more company join in. The network in 21 century will more closely to the real world. Most of the people have busy works, there isn’t have enough time to do something else. Another example, travel to another country maybe very expensive to some persons. 3D virtual world can resolve this problem well! Virtual worle also have travel, city, traffic, school, bank, business and so on, and they are contact with real world. But they are more easier in virtual world. Like many shopping website let customer try clothes on a simulation model. If in 3d virtual world customer try clothes on their own 3D model. This 3d model just like what you look like, the same style and size of you.  It’s more real and convenience. For the development of communication mechanics, people prefer to view tridimensional more than complanate. Real estates show their building use 3d projection instead of  copy model. And more and more fashion shows use 3d projection to lay out their products. 3d is required in most field. We develop it because we need it.

Many virtual companys appearance in the same time. Some entity company also want to deploitation virtual business, like Google  bought Sketchup which is a modeling company. Along with more and more complexity communication equipments been created. 3D network will be asked appear in this kind of equipments. 3d virtual world add real world is absolute a future life model!

slamer video


At present simple cartoon logo was very popular all over the world  this kind of logo make people feel fun and easy. The life and work press were biger and biger for the people nowadays. Some pictures or colors can release this press. That the reason. Hello Kitty is the landmark brand, the logo is highly simple but make people easy to remember. For the color, pink feels warm and comfortable. And then Hello Kitty produce many kinds of products with the Kitty logo. People love and buy, the design became business. At present this kind of brand was more and more. Paul Frank is also a successful brand. There is a brand I like very much-tokidoki, It was build by a Italian man named Simone and his friends. He builded his own website to upload his design and found by American company soon after. Tokidoki was a design any more, bags association clothes toys and so on were appearance step by step. Later tokidoki cooperate with hello kitty and lecsportsac push out a series products.

The inspiration of  tokidoki is from Japan. Tokidoki is a Japaness means sometimes. It’s signify a cute happy and pureness world, a universe for imagination; a colony for dream. Many people sometimes think about when will give me a chance to change my life or meet someone after corner. Tokidoki is to express a word “hope”.  Everyone can go into this world. A brand must have its own characteristic. The resonance can let person like or love.




This website named slamer the logo kind like this.

It’s a personal website and it’s seperate into 5 parts.

Around slamer we will have videos pictures  purchases and so on. its sounds like the tokoyo plastic,
but difference is the slamer isn’t a flash website at least present, maybe we will work on this in the future.

Flash is one of the design work in this website.There are many works in this website like a online workroom for a group.
So I should have my members. We can work for film company or ad. company.
We post our newest idea designs then the company can find us and we work for them.
On the other hand we will have our own puechases with slamer logo, but it’s  step 2.

story introduce:

This story is a love story. A normal girl named Slamer. 24 years old work in a magazine company. The life is very busy, so Slamer didn’t have enough time to think about what she really want. She has a boyfriend named Jacky. They are get together for 5 years sine college. Their love were not have any ardour any more. One day, There is a advertising attract Slamer when she watched TV. It was a cell phone advertising, the woman in this ad. was very similar to Slamer and the story was about find the real self. This moment Slamer though herself and her life. Change need brave that isn’t everyone could do it. One day Jacky break up with slamer because he love with another girl. Slamer felt breakdown. She quit the job and flight to another city for travel. She want to break in new ground, but she didn’t know how to do it. After several days she find a coffee bar, the sense of this bar recalls the childhood of slamer. Slamer dreamed to  build up a coffee bar when she was a junior middle school student, she almost forgot this thing. Now she want to have a try. It’s not a easy thing, but she enjoy in it. The life change by day after day quietly. Slamer wasn’t aware of this but she felt satisfaction and happy. One day again a boy walk through this store, they smiled and look at each other. life changed story end.

I try to express everyone should  live with the real feel. Do what you really like and want to do. This is the story scenario and i will finish dialog soon after.


I will use Maya and photoshop to creat roles and I am working on this step now. Drawing picture in photoshop and post into Maya

there is an example:

Use Maya After Effect make people move. The action creat by Maya or After Effect depends on camera,

if the role only have one aspect action we can do it in After Effect. Maya work for scene and role, After Effect work for sound and camera. Photoshop is basic design. After finsh videos I will use Dreamweaver work on the website. Except video there still have some Flash action and drawing pictures.


❤New Art Model❤ IMA505-paper 3


Internet media is also called the fourth media. According to different media, people divided the news media into different stages of development. Use paper as the medium of traditional newspapers、use radio waves as the medium of broadcasting and use image transmission as the medium of television. They are known as the first media, the second and third media.

(from internet)

(New media art is a genre that encompasses artworks created with new media technologies, including digital art, computer graphics, computer animation, virtual art, Internet art, interactive art technologies, computer robotics, and art as biotechnology. The term differentiates itself by its resulting cultural objects and social events, which can be seen in opposition to those deriving from old visual arts. This concern with medium is a key feature of much contemporary art and indeed many art schools and major Universities now offer majors in “New Genres” or “New Media”. New Media Art often involves interaction between artist and observer. New Media concerns are often derived from the telecommunications, mass media and digital modes of delivery the artworks involve, with practices ranging from conceptual to virtual art, performance to installation.)

Every technological progress of mankind will bring great changes in art, such as the development of perspective and geometry influenced Renaissance painting; Mineral and oil purification technology affected the level of northern European painting bright and full of mold style; Machine production of pigments and optical results of the study contributed to the external light painting and the development of Impressionism. In the 20th century, the largest developing was graphics made a special technology influence for the art of language between art and science and technology.

This century, coupled with the development of popular culture and business of the popularity of television programs, Artists began to thinking accepted way of visual images and way of life, on the other hand, started with the practical, including photography, film, television images, including a variety of techniques to engage in such thinking and creativity.

Throughout the 20th century, photography and television, and even footage from the popular culture have been transformed into art media. Photographic record was originally a tool and commemorative, The artists distilled the collage of the technical approach from photographic, combine objectivity of images, make them into personal narrative method, then emergence the surrealism photography, like Cindy Sherman in《UNTITLE STILL》, she makeup herself as different kinds women and take photos by herself. Every photo makes you feel familiar. Like used to see American movies, maybe right maybe wrong.

In video art, artists combine characteristics of the electronic media of television, and create an unusual TV show -“art television program”. Like Nam June Paik “TV electronic painting”

As photography and film footage is important at the turn of the last century, Digital technology is a new turn of the century visual technology. It will certainly affect the development of visual arts. Collage and traditional darkroom processes in the synthesis of multi-exposure and multi-end, have been substitute by easier and more powerful alternative of digital images. The power of photography from the people trust their objectivity(Despite the fact that the objectivity is questionable)The crunch of objective image brings a sense of crisis about powerful tension between true and false. Digital images are pictures taken after the treatment, Digital video makes the mass of picture becomes infinite, so that it goes further than traditional photography, Incidentally, the photo appeared device style. In video art, digital technology makes it easy to share many video clips from the film aesthetics results. The method of deal time in a variety of classic movie means to apply to video. Such as “Flashback” as a reversal of time, activated memory flashback stock and so on. These relations greatly enriched the tradition of film language. 3D animation modeling of intervention is to make any wild notion might be visually realistic.

With the emergence of video and video installation, interactive became the advantages of video art to other traditional art media. The development of digital technology in creating the CD-ROM and networks that also makes use of the original number of projection television screen or expensive equipment to become more interactive be achieved easily.

Today people are talking about the evolution of multimedia art film is much better than the linear narrative film, the endless powerful combination of video, audio, text, hypertext links not only be used for itself but also for other texts. This make the text become a super-maze, and the interaction what it provides almost endless. Today’s multi-media art is only a crude embryo; we have more possibilities to explore.

Multimedia for the arts means that some kind of comprehensive rehabilitation. Multi-media will tie to all art styles together; the various arts create a combination of elements which can not be reduced to an integrated experience, which means integrated and decomposed exist at the same time. Such as Matthew Barney, make music video sculpture and many other kinds of media together to express his mind.

American cultural theorist Daniel • Bell once said: from the second half of the 20th century, humans change use read and write as the main method for accept of knowledge to see and hear as the main way. Even as a representative of neo-conservatism, Daniel • Bell still use the suspicion and criticism attitude to read and listen the culture, but turned to the image reading from the text reading is already an indisputable fact. TV, film, network and sound, image and text as one emergence into electronic books will have significant impact to human knowledge structure、 cognitive style and behavior undoubtedly.

arts technology business

However, there are some issues people feel lost and confused. Like Roy • Ascot and BENJAMIN WEIL, they were rarely talk about the artist’s artistic creation, more is on new media applications and control issues, and new media art market issues, which is a misconception of new media art, the most important thing is not artistic creation, but how to guide the artistic application of new technologies dominate the market. Of course, this is perhaps because the birth of new media art on a close relationship with the business. Roy • Ascot thought for the artists of the 21st century, the construction of the problem is more important than the issues presented. He said: “The interest of the internet, bio-electronics, wireless networks, intelligent software, virtual reality, neural networks, genetic engineering, molecular electronic technology, robotic technology and so on is not only about our creative work and circulating but also related to the definition of new art、aesthetic of apparition、the interaction collaboration and transformative. The aesthetics of apparition replaced the old aesthetic of appearance. The latter is only concerned with the appearance of the object and the absolute value of some specific. But the new aesthetic of coming into being is trying to transform culture through technology evolution technology.

He added: “The real creative digital artists is not about he knows how to use the new technology, such as select a kind of cooking recipes in cookbook, but how to use new technology to expand the market、testing the limits of science and technology and then make it change. Therefore, we are seeking for highly responsive intelligent machines and systems, it even can predict our needs, and show a certain extent of self-consciousness (but not artificial consciousness). Thus, in this culture, how does the artist work? We must seek new sources of funding to expand and supporters. The old market was dominated by art dealers and gallery, can not afford to treat such situation even if not all, but it keep going in self-re-conversion art and self-appropriation arts. We seem to be more receptive for new scientific discoveries and new attempts. At the same time, interactive communication systems、 interpersonal intimacy, and the interconnection of global Internet center, means that a new form of spiritual emergence. We need to establish a meaningful alliance to scientists、technology and enterprise, they not only challenge and test our creativity and imagination, but also provide us the possibility of reach for a dream.

Above Roy • Ascot conversation, we seem to get the impression that: the new media art technology will be gradually integrated into the media; new media artists will change into a media expert or replace by media technical experts; new media Art will be more commercial; new media art will exist for media technology and development. These make people confused. However, regardless of the direction of new media art in the future, it must with the development of IT industry and internet. We do not have to make a conclusion for new media art at present.

The development of new technologies will keep going, the interaction of art and science will affect our lives more and more, also we can say the boundaries of art and science will be increasingly blurred. However, we can not equate art with science and business, Technology need unity, standardize, stereotype, because only in this way is consistent with industrialized mass production; On the other hand artistic need individuality, originality, because only this can satisfy mankind’s aesthetic taste. We can put a new technology into creating art; but we can not equal a new invention as a method of Art.

Constantly changing of education mode


Along with the development of education technology, technology and education are inseparable. It seems like everyday we get teacher’s emails about homework or some nice articles online. On the other hand in our software classes, teacher use large screen show his computer screen, we see the screen follow the teacher step by step. It’s convenience. And my roommate take the exam online instead of go to classroom. Those situations were keeping a very long time. At present it’s not enough, virtual online college was already appeared. It’s a big change. But this change brings advantages and problems at the same time. Education connects with whole society, so advantages and problems not only for students and teachers or anyone who works for schools but also for society and government. In my opinion it still will be a good tendency in future. Give an example, digitalization teaching in education let students close contact with outside world. The online messages can quick and easy to update. Network let our knowledge without restrict. Today we try to improve and prefect this technology. And what will the future hold?  I want to think about those and excited expect for future.


How about the past?

In earlier age from new digitalization teaching was applied to education broad-based. It’s encouraging the education constantly. Compare with traditional digitalization and new digitalization teaching mode, there are many issues in traditional digitalization teaching mode. First, it’s lack of interactivity. Some teachers didn’t know how to use digitalization in class reasonable at first. Teacher became a projectionist and student as audiences accepts knowledge passive. Second, large resources and fast teaching make students couldn’t grapple knowledge completely, computer and network enlarged our knowledge; teacher use multimedia equipments impress messages more than beforetime, its make students’ own study time increased. Third, the form of teach mode wasn’t very perfect. Teachers were not all proficient in use digitalization equipments, so teaching plans would be very simple. It’s reducing teaching quality. Fourth, campus network was not very perfect and many existing resources were not used completely.


At present

      Today many issues in earlier age that I mentioned were solved already. It’s a new digitalization time now. There are so many novel digitalization teaching modes were blend in. Like our theory class, teacher use ichat connect with other professors who are not teaching in our school. It’s a special and good teaching method. Its shows us more and more people will join our argumentation with unique opinions. Digitalization teaching modes are used flexible. Virtual online college was one of the indicate changes. While a disruptive technology would be a virtual school. Most school both offer online classes and in the classroom classes.

      For problem, online classes are lacking of authenticity for face to teacher and study situation. Like our software class, when we have some questions we can ask teacher in time. Some problems couldn’t be explained intensive by email or ichat, if student and teacher can face to face. Its will more convenience. But this require student close to the college. On the other hand, it’s required student studying awareness and proactivity. Class online will be at home most of time, during the class time if I feel boring maybe I will distract. For entry-level students, most of them were required to go to class not because they want to go. They didn’t understand how important for future if they are studying hard at present. The third is online resource privacy; network safety problem was not only appearing in virtual college but also in all network situations. We need try our best to figure out this issue. The article from ESchoolNews let us know about the fund problem. It’s not a short-term problem, but government is working on this step by step. We hope good news.

       For advantage, first some universities and colleges have opened a whole new line of education for today’s busy people and for people in smaller cities and towns. We no longer have to sit in a classroom for 8 hours a day in-order to study for a Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree or Doctoral Degrees such as PhD’s. Second, there are many Colleges and Universities in the UK and other places that are now offering online courses. Of course if we are interested in the more traditional distance education courses and programs. These online and distance education courses allow us to complete our degree or diploma course at our own arranges. So before we take study leave from work or change our career just because our local college doesn’t offer what we’re looking for, find out if there are some accredited courses being offered online or through distant learning. We’ll be surprised. To reach the very top of any profession, we need to gain the right qualifications, and with a good degree course or diploma we’ll be giving ourselves the perfect start in our professional life. We’ll learn in our own time, at our own arrange and from the comfort of our own home – so whatever our circumstances, we’ll have a much better chance of succeeding! Second, about online education is that with most colleges and universities, we can enroll at any time of the year. The courses are structured in small, manageable units, so we’ll find learning very easy and enjoyable. A growing number of physical universities as well as newer online only colleges have begin to offer a select set of academic degree programs across the internet. These programs range from Diplomas and Certificates to Doctoral programs with available important point in everything from Business Administration to Criminal Justice to Nursing. While some programs require students to attend some campus classes or summer classes, many are completely online. In addition, several universities offer online student support services, such as online advising, student governments and student newspapers.

About support Microsoft is an example, Live@edu is more than just free email accounts. With a Microsoft-hosted solution, we get a reliable and easy-to-manage solution for our school. It help us increase our school’s ability to communicate and collaborate with a suite of online tools, including shared calendars, documents, and workspaces. Faculty, and alumni connected anywhere with online access on virtually any web-enabled device, and equip students for the real world. Students always want more, with the exception of homework, of course. Microsoft provides students, and everybody else on campus, with student email and calendaring, 25 GB of online storage and a place to share and edit their Microsoft Office documents online using Office Live Workspace. Best of all, hosting university email on Microsoft’s servers can reduce traffic on ours, helping save on maintenance, effort, and cost, and get more of what we want – time to do other things.

For example, in Florida there is a mandate that every public school district must establish a virtual K-8 and K-12 program. Many have wondered why Florida legislators would pass such a sweeping law; perhaps the answer is that in Florida, there existed a desire to try a disruptive technology.                                                 ( from ESchoolNews)

What will the future hold?

By the way in the University of the Future, everybody will be paid according to their specialty. That’s why it will be much more important for a faculty member to have a specialty, rather than be a person who has many skills. Additionally, it is going to be much more important for faculty and staff to be experts in technology. They must understand how all technology works so as to be able to deliver their specialty through technology. Even the custodians’ role will change a lot. They will be true technicians who complete specialized college-level education and training to be able to work as a custodian. On the other hand the research that we’re doing indicates that a high school education will not lead to good jobs anymore. What employers will want across the nation and the world is for people to have a minimum level of education in math, science, and communication skills, in some cases at least at a community college level, and that will be needed to do technician work. It will be the norm. So the current lower level of labor will disappear. High technology need a person has a high technology ability. Hoping everyone can follow this change.


Just saying this, American schools are considered by many to be the best in the world, but as times change, needs shift, and students evolve, it’s important for schools to adopt a change. The best is education always trending to a good sense of direction. In addition, I think there is going to be a huge market in teacher preparation, both for higher education faculty as well as public school teachers. The universities that are training educators will have to totally fix how they are training these and most other professionals. Also for students, make ourselves offer to study. Computer doesn’t like a television, we get knowledge from television but we find knowledge from computer.   Otherwise, more than half of the learning will most likely be happening at home, wherever ”home” may be. Learning will be delivered virtually to the residences of the students, whether that residence is in a dormitory room or in a home or apartment. However, the actual facilities of learning for higher education institutions will be completely different. They will be truly engaging facilities that a student could not afford to have at their own residence. It’s sense like a public park. We update and share at the same time. In the end as Freedman said: “For less money than is spent on conventional textbooks, E-textbooks, over time, could deliver a regularly updated, interactive, and 21st-century education to our children,” effectively competing for their attention in the digital age.” Every changing should get the value, not only for the company who support this program but also for school and whole society.

Apple Inc. Computer IMA505-Paper 1 Yao Meng

         Apple Computer Inc. was the old name for Apple Inc., Cupertino in California is the headquarters, and electronic technology products are the core activities. Apple is representation of design. If computer not just computer, what it would be? All designers from Apple Company think about it. Apple allowing a continuous two-way transfer of information between a computer and the person using it. From Apple I to Macbook Air, it has spent twenty-two years. Face up to the problem and solve the problem, keep on investigating and searching. Computer became a life style and people enjoy in it. This succeed was not in one day, How was the first apple computer produced? What’s problem in this process? How the past computers were look like? How the present computers work? How about them future? There are so many questions surround apple computer.

Apple Computer Inc.     Apple Inc.

        In the past nearly 20 years, apple was growing with amazing speed. It’s include both desktop and laptop.  Since 1976 April Fools Day two young boys Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak tried to design primitive personal computers and sell them. Then the Apple computer was appeared in this year.

In the early days since 1976 Apple company produced a series of computer named Apple I 、Apple II 、Apple III. Apple I was introduced in 1976. Although this series of computer wasn’t sold well, it was a nice beginning for Apple.

The appearance of Lisa and Macintosh gave Apple computer a monumental shift. Meanwhile Macintosh was the continuation of Lisa. Macintosh also called Mac, it is a series of several lines of personal computer designed and developed. Mac is still be used nowadays.

In 1984 Apple made a TV ad. for Macintosh.  

Power Macintosh or Power Mac was a line of Apple Macintosh workstation-class personal computers based on various models of PowerPC microprocessors that was developed, marketed, and supported by Apple Inc. from March 1994 until August 2006.

Power Mac

And ibook was from 1999 until 2005, three distinct designs of the iBook were introduced during its lifetime. Sales of the iMac and ibook helped push Apple back into profitability.



        Nowadays apple computer family has many excellent different kinds of products.

1. The MacBook first introduced in May 2006, it replaced the iBook and 12″ PowerBook series of notebooks. It is the best-selling Macintosh in history.

2. The iMac is a range of all-in-one Macintosh desktop computers designed and built by Apple Inc. It has been the primary part of Apple’s consumer desktop offerings since its introduction in 1998, and has evolved through four distinct forms.

3. The MacBook Pro is a line of Macintosh portable computers by Apple Inc. that was introduced in January 2006 at the Mac World Exposition. The MacBook Pro replaced the PowerBook G4 and was the second model to be announced in the Apple Intel transition (after the iMac). The MacBook Pro is positioned at the high end of the MacBook family.

4. When the MacBook Air was introduced, Apple described it as the “world’s thinnest notebook”. It was introduced at the Macworld Conference & Expo on January 15, 2008. It has been revised twice before it was introduaced.

        After Ipad come out tablet PC would be developmental trend for apple computer. There is a nice example, the movie Avatar. Do you remembe the computers in Avatar, the display just like a  glass maybe more thinner. It might be upgrade of  iMac. This kind display can take anywhere and pass messages or images just slide fingers. iPad just a beginning. Computer is a tool that give service to people. Humanization is purpose of computer. On the other hand, computer become more useful in life little by little. Magazine and newspaper must be noticed, they will try to connect with apple computer. It’s the business chance, there will be many more beautiful images or videos into computer. Some ad producer want to put TV ad in computer, if people can use tablet PC anywhere, they will not pay attention to ad on TV.  target rating reduce made business find other ways to keep  earning. Another function is about video telephony, tablet PC can do it better.

        Apple computer absolutely was the most  successful IT company at the beginning of this century. whatever hardware software or network, Apple  has a unique individual. Why was apple computer so successful? Why people want to buy apple computer even if  its price higher than other brand with same configure?   The successful of Apple Inc. was not only just design research and development more than Jods depth understanding IT industry and overthrow the traditional model. Since 10 years ago the face of PC computer and Apple computer were already without compare. Perfection computer was perfect from beginning, apple dare to do what they want to do even if products have many problems when they appeared. People solve problems only if problems come out. That make apple computer perfect. On the other hand, apple not only just try to make a nice computer but also go through the computer to make people’s lives convenience. Internet make our lives more nearer with others, computer is bridge. Third, apple has its own hardware software or system, this set up a brand visualize. If you like apple you will like all products from Apple Inc.  they connect with each other. Fouth, apple computer successful use simple design to complete hard work, just two fingers  can roll webpage  and zoom in or zoom out images. Along with e-Times introgression our lives, apple know how to cathch these messages and put into design, apple is adjustment to this powerful electronic times. So its success isn’t an accident, it’s inevitable.